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Awesome Photo & Image Editor Tools in 2024

Discover the awesome 8 AI tools for 2024 By Candytools

OhaPotato AI Image Editor

Effortlessly edit photos and remove backgrounds with OhaPotato's free, AI-powered tools. Instantly enhance images, create perfect product photos, and more – all in one click.

AR2R Image Upscaler

AR2R utilizes AI to upscale and enhance product images, improving their quality and resolution for ecommerce purposes. Provide stunning visuals that captivate customers and boost your online sales.

Optain Background Removal API

Effortlessly remove image backgrounds with Optain's powerful AI API. Integrate seamlessly and automate your image editing workflow for fast, accurate, and scalable background removal.

ImageBear AI Image Editor

ImageBear provides powerful AI tools to enhance and edit your photos effortlessly. Remove backgrounds, upscale images, and more – all in one click with our user-friendly platform.

Cleaner AI

Remove backgrounds and erase unwanted objects from your photos instantly with Cleaner! Our AI-powered app makes photo editing easy and delivers professional results in seconds. Download free!


Convert any image to high-quality, scalable SVG code for free with Pixlyze. Optimize your web graphics, simplify your workflow, and enhance your designs with our powerful image-to-SVG converter.

PhotoBooth AI

Generate unique and professional AI profile pictures in seconds with PhotoBooth AI. Upload your photos, choose from various styles, and download your perfect headshot – no signup required!

What is Photo & Image Editor?

"Photo & Image Editor" isn't a specific software, it's a general term. It refers to any software designed for manipulating and enhancing digital pictures and graphics. Here's a breakdown of what these editors can do:

Core Features:

  • Basic Edits:
    • Cropping: Removing unwanted areas of an image.
    • Resizing: Changing the dimensions of an image.
    • Rotating/Flipping: Adjusting the orientation of an image.
    • Brightness/Contrast: Controlling the overall lightness and darkness of an image.
    • Color Correction: Adjusting hue, saturation, and vibrancy.
    • Sharpening/Blurring: Enhancing details or softening edges.
  • Advanced Edits:
    • Layers: Working on different elements of an image independently.
    • Masking: Selectively applying edits to specific areas.
    • Filters and Effects: Applying preset styles or creating custom looks.
    • Text Tools: Adding and styling text on images.
    • Drawing Tools: Creating lines, shapes, and freehand drawings.
  • File Formats:
    • Support for various image file types (JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, etc.).
    • Often allows saving in different formats and quality settings.

Types of Photo & Image Editors:

  • Basic Editors: Built into operating systems (like Windows Photos or macOS Preview) or offered for free online (like Pixlr). Good for simple cropping, resizing, and basic color adjustments.
  • Intermediate Editors: Free and paid apps like GIMP (free), Paint.NET (free), or Affinity Photo (paid). Offer more advanced features like layers, masks, and filters for creative projects.
  • Professional Editors: Industry-standard software like Adobe Photoshop (paid) or Capture One (paid). Used by photographers, graphic designers, and digital artists for high-end editing, retouching, and compositing.

Choosing a Photo & Image Editor:

The best editor depends on your needs and skill level. Consider:

  • Your budget: Free editors are a good starting point.
  • Your skills: Beginners might prefer simpler interfaces, while professionals need robust features.
  • Your tasks: Are you editing photos for social media, creating graphics, or doing professional retouching?

Let me know if you have any more specific questions about photo and image editors!