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Discover the top AI tools for 2024 By Candytools

Vmaker AI Subtitle Generator

Effortlessly generate subtitles for your videos with Vmaker's AI Subtitle Generator. Ensure your content is accessible and engaging with accurate captions. Free to use!|

Figma AI

Unlock your creativity with Figma AI. Generate images with generative fill, automate layouts, summarize text, and more — all within your familiar design workflow.|  Personalized Learning provides personalized learning paths tailored to your goals, learning style, and pace. Utilizing AI, we curate the best resources and experts to accelerate your learning journey.

Visual Studio Marketplace

Discover and download extensions for Visual Studio, Azure DevOps, Visual Studio Code, and Visual Studio for Mac. Enhance your development workflow with tools and integrations from Microsoft and the community.

Headcanon Generator

Unleash your creativity with Headcanon Generator! Generate unique and inspiring headcanons for your favorite fandoms, characters, and relationships. Perfect for fanfiction writers and creative enthusiasts!

LifeMind AI Therapy provides accessible and personalized mental well-being support through its AI-powered therapy companion. Track your mood, access coping mechanisms, and engage in therapeutic conversations, all within a secure and confidential platform.

Resub Subscription Management

Resub streamlines recurring billing for businesses by automating subscription management, invoicing, and payment processing. Simplify your recurring revenue operations and focus on growth with Resub.


PCBuilderAI helps you find the perfect PC parts for your needs and budget. Our AI-powered system recommends compatible components and optimizes your build for gaming, content creation, or general use. Start building your dream PC today!

PathEx AI Test Automation

PathEx leverages artificial intelligence to streamline and enhance software testing processes. Our platform empowers QA teams with automated test generation, intelligent test execution, and comprehensive reporting to accelerate software delivery and improve product quality.

Automated Combat

Automated Combat creates AI-powered fight choreography for video games, movies, and animation. Our technology generates realistic and engaging combat sequences that streamline the creative process for developers and studios.

ExerRing AI Wellness Coach

Back the ExerRing campaign on Kickstarter! ExerRing is an innovative smart ring that utilizes AI to provide personalized fitness and wellness guidance. Track your activity levels, monitor sleep patterns, and receive tailored insights to optimize your well-being. Join the ExerRing revolution today!

MaxLearn AI

MaxLearn provides an AI-driven learning experience platform that offers personalized learning paths, interactive exercises, and real-time feedback to enhance skill development and knowledge retention.

MindPal Literature Review Writer

This free, AI-powered literature review writer from MindPal can help you effortlessly summarize research papers, extract key findings, and generate comprehensive literature reviews.

Aitryon AI

Aitryon provides AI-powered intelligent automation solutions to streamline and optimize your business processes, improving efficiency and productivity.

Ask Medical

Ask Medical leverages the power of AI to answer your health questions, provide insights, and offer guidance on various medical conditions.


Synthlife allows you to quickly and easily create high-quality AI videos with realistic digital avatars. Perfect for marketing, education, and more!

Feedback by AI

Improve your website or app with Feedback by AI. Get tailored insights, identify usability issues, and enhance user experience through AI-powered feedback analysis.

Arcane Notes AI

Arcane Notes utilizes the power of AI to revolutionize your learning experience. Effortlessly create, manage, and share your notes and flashcards for efficient, engaging study sessions. Solver

Stuck on a math problem? provides instant solutions and step-by-step explanations. From algebra to calculus, solve equations, graph functions, and master math with ease.

Neurooo AI Enhancer

Enhance your videos and photos 10x with Neurooo! Upscale resolution, improve quality, and create stunning visuals effortlessly using the power of AI. Try it free!

Gretel Data Navigator

Unlock data insights effortlessly with Gretel Navigator. Visualize, explore, and understand your data with our intuitive no-code platform. Perfect for data discovery, analysis, and sharing.

Soulshub Anime Figures

Find your favorite anime figures and merchandise at Soulshub! We offer a wide selection of high-quality products at affordable prices. Shop now and complete your collection!

Refinex Automation

Refinex specializes in industrial automation, offering innovative solutions and services for various sectors. Optimize your processes with our expertise in robotics, PLC programming, and more.

PhotoBooth AI

Generate unique and professional AI profile pictures in seconds with PhotoBooth AI. Upload your photos, choose from various styles, and download your perfect headshot – no signup required!


Meet WPS AI Pal, the intelligent writing assistant for WPS Office. Experience AI-driven writing assistance, simplify your workflow, and unlock your writing potential with WPS AI Pal.


Convert any image to high-quality, scalable SVG code for free with Pixlyze. Optimize your web graphics, simplify your workflow, and enhance your designs with our powerful image-to-SVG converter.

Product Lab AI

Product Lab empowers product teams to discover winning product ideas with AI. Uncover hidden customer needs, validate concepts, and build products people love - all on one platform.

JOOR Wholesale

JOOR is the world's leading wholesale platform connecting brands and retailers in fashion, footwear, accessories, and home. Discover, shop, and manage your wholesale business all in one place.

Luma Dream Machine

Luma AI's Dream Machine empowers you to bring your imagination to life. Generate high-quality, customizable 3D models with ease using the power of text-to-3D AI.


PromptChains is a Python framework for building robust and scalable LLM applications. Simplify complex workflows, manage prompts effectively, and unlock the true potential of large language models.

AdsBy Keyword Generator

Generate thousands of relevant keywords for your website and ads in seconds with AdsBy's free keyword generator tool! Boost your SEO and PPC campaigns today.

SkillReactor Academy

SkillReactor Academy offers immersive online coding bootcamps in data science, web development & cybersecurity. Launch your tech career with our job-guaranteed programs!

App Sanctuary

App Sanctuary is a curated platform to discover and download safe, high-quality mobile apps, free from trackers and data compromises. Find your next favorite app, safely.

Two Shot AI

Two Shot is the AI copywriting software that helps teams write high-converting copy, faster. Get started for free today. No credit card required.

Saner.AI Figma Plugin

Supercharge your Figma workflow with Saner.AI! Generate stunning visuals, automate tasks, and design faster than ever before. Try it free!

BeforeSunset AI Art Generator

Create stunning, unique artwork using the power of AI with BeforeSunset. Experiment with different styles and bring your artistic vision to life. Try it free!

Icons8 AI Illustration Generator

Generate custom illustrations with Icons8 AI image generator. Input your text prompt and get unique visuals in various styles to match your project. Free to use!

Mapify Interactive Maps

Build beautiful, interactive maps for your website, blog, or social media. No coding required! Customize your map with images, videos, links, and more. Perfect for travel blogs, business locations, and story maps. Get started free!

Cartoon AI Generator

Create unique cartoon avatars and transform your photos into cartoon characters for free with Cartoon AI Generator. Upload your image and let our AI work its magic!

Free AI Apps

Explore the world of AI with Free AI Apps. Discover and compare the top free AI tools and applications across various categories to enhance your productivity, creativity, and more!

MP3 Converter AI

Convert audio and video files to MP3 format for free with MP3 Converter AI. Our online tool makes it easy to convert files from YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms. No downloads required!

Kling AI Writer

Kling AI is an AI writing assistant that helps you write faster and better. Generate high-quality content, rewrite and improve existing text, and break through writer's block – all with the help of AI.

Monusai Cash Back

Earn automatic cash back and find the best deals while you shop online with Monusai. Our AI-powered browser extension makes saving money effortless! Add to Chrome for free.

Cursecut AI Video Editor

Cursecut is an AI-powered video editor that helps you edit videos faster with features like auto-transcription, text-based editing, and more. Sign up free and experience the future of video editing.

Garden Genie Plant ID

Identify plants, diagnose problems, and get expert care tips with Garden Genie. Our AI-powered app helps you grow healthy and thriving plants. Download for free!


Meet OyeAI, your personal AI assistant to boost productivity. Generate content, translate languages, summarize text, write different types of creative content, and answer your questions instantly!

BidBits Metaverse Development

Looking to build your own metaverse? BidBits is a leading metaverse development company specializing in creating immersive virtual worlds, games, and experiences. Contact us for custom solutions.